The Most Effective Crime Fighter

I agree with the most effective Crime Fighter, SSP Reneto Decardova Valentino Adams that Vybz Kartel should get no less than 50 years in prison!

As it relates to the ‘unarmed criminal associates and protectors of armed criminals’ that Adam killed while going after those armed hardcore criminals present in the same premises, I see absolutely nothing wrong with Adams killing them all and done; because Unarmed Criminal Associates and Protectors are NO different from the Armed Hardcore Criminals!

Our justice system was deliberately designed to be protectors of criminals through the plethora of back doors and technicalities deliberately created in the laws for those who have the required money to pay cloaked criminals called Attorneys to use in freeing their known guilty criminal clients!

Hence, Adams had done the country a great favour by taking it upon himself to obliterate all those known hardcore criminals on his list, along with any associates or protectors of those hardcore criminals, since they will be the next hardcore criminals in the near future! If my family, even my parents, was apart of those criminal protectors and associates, then I would love for Adams to kill them all and done!


police to kill the most criminalsAll those patriots of Jamaica’s Criminal Friendly Laws, are you saying that you prefer to have the police strictly abide by those those laws by arresting every hardcore criminal, charge him/her, take him/her to court, and watch the cloaked criminals called Attorneys use the deliberately created back doors and technicalities of the laws to continuously free their known guilty criminal client so that he/she can continue wreaking havoc to society with his/her heinous murders?

That is your form of effective Justice in order to prevent the police committing what the sordid Criminal Friendly Laws define as murder. Right?

Well, I am saying again that until the Parliamentary Criminals see the moral need to REMOVE ALL BACK DOORS AND TECHNICALITIES that they deliberately and consciously created in the laws in order to protect themselves, and those who have the money to pay cloaked criminals called Attorneys, from being found GUILTY OF THE DAILY CRIMES THEY COMMIT WITH IMPUNITY, THEN THAT WOULD BE THE ONLY TIME I WOULD SUPPORT AND EXPECT THE POLICE TO ARREST AND BRING HARDCORE CRIMINALS TO COURT! OK?

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