I am always amazed at how many of us think. So HOLLYWOOD makes another movie about SLAVERY and suddenly BLACK MEN and WOMEN are spending their money to see the movies, and in the meantime still have NO CLUE about their role as a people in this universe.

From Roots to 12 Years a Slave, I wonder how many more movies HOLLYWOOD has to make before we get the picture that WE ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING TO PROVE THAT WE HAVE RISEN FROM THE ASHES?

We GLORIFY the BLACK ACTORS and ACTRESSES when they CLAIM their AWARDS, yet our young men are still walking around with their pants below their waist, and in many circles we are still seen as MINORITY.

If we think for one minute that as a FREE PEOPLE today, that we are doing our ANCESTORS any JUSTICE by the way we THINK and BEHAVE, then we still have no CLUE.
If we think that for one minute they would be PROUD of many of us, then we are really LOST.


We seem to depend on HOLLYWOOD and others to tell our story, so that we can shake our heads in disgust and continue to cling to the horrors of slavery to JUSTIFY the fact that we are not doing a darn thing to make ourselves better, and we should  be ASHAMED.

How have black people progressed since slavery?OH YES! by all means as long as HOLLYWOOD and others continue to show the WHITE MAN as the ENEMY, it makes some of us feel GOOD, no so?

Yet how Ironic that for a free people, more BLACKS kill BLACKS than WHITES do?

Many of our neighbourhoods are WAR ZONES!

WE do not hear about the drive by shootings perpetuated by BLACKS towards BLACKS, but as soon as an issue comes that looks like it is RACIST, we get on our soap boxes and cry Foul?

The fact that we even have the AUDACITY to say that we have learned who we are because of these movies, is the HEIGHT of our IGNORANCE.

HOLLYWOOD should NOT have to DEPICT our story for us to know who we are, where we are from and where we are going.


The longer we take to figure that out, is the longer we will remain bound by CHAINS in our thinking.

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