You will LOVE this song called ‘Ragamuffin’!

This creative music video with its  incredibly catchy lyrics and masterful production will  definitely give you the urge to dance.

‘Ragamuffin’, engineered and mastered by Jah Ova Evil’s very own Jahnoi “Selah” Nunes, the identical twin brother of the Artiste – The Gideon, is the production of British Producer Weedy G. It made its way to Jah Ova Evil’s studio with fellow artiste Damas and within thirty minutes of hearing the vibrant up-tempo version of the legendary “Sleng Teng” track, the song was written and voiced. The track also features 12 year old Naje (Nean) Nunes, son of The Gideon.   – The Gideon (Aijah Nunes)

The vision for the video, according to Gabrielle Blackwood, who shot and directed it, originated with the rhythm of the song itself. “I wanted to marry the eighties feel of the sleng teng with the present day and thought it could be achieved by telling a coming of age story showcasing the artiste’s childhood roots, community and perhaps a fictional love story. The word ‘Ragamuffin’ has also evolved from defining someone who is unkempt and crude to somebody who is down to earth, unpretentious and not overawed by external appearances and I wanted to connect this to The Gideon’s vision of wanting people to hear the song and associate it with real people.”

‘Ragamuffin’ Music Video from Gabrielle Blackwood


Blackwood continues, “The ragamuffin lifestyle may be classified by some as a sub-culture, however, it’s one wherein there is mutual respect, understanding and a sense of caring one for another and hopefully people get that feeling from seeing this video and listening to the song.”

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