Parents Are NOT Obligated to Support Adult Children

If you observe how God created ALL animals,–including Human Beings–you would vividly see that every other animal takes care of their young until they reach the stage of an adult, where they are able to think, reason well, and fend for themselves. However, if that adult progeny refuses to learn the adult world from its parents due to laziness & belief that its parents are suppose to provide for it until it dies, then that animal would ignore and abandon it in order for it to understand that it needs to be an adult now and fend for itself.

Adulthood is a stage where the person is capable of being fully responsible for him/herself, and should never take it for granted that whatever the parents are doing for him/her at that stage is a right; but instead see the assistance they get from their parents as a privilege which can be terminated by the parents at any time without explanation or notice.

Some people keep telling me that parents are suppose to finance their adult children’s (18 years or older) tertiary education and not let them finance it themselves through education loans, etc. But my constant question to those persons is: can your parents dictate to you how to live your life, such as who to date, who to have sex with, how to dress, and the friends you should keep? Their answer is always no; because they are adults, and should not be controlled like children. You see the double standard showing up here, where they want to have their own way with certain things but don’t with things that will cost them?

One person told me that the parents should finance the child’s tertiary education, because after that child becomes successful with a high paying job, that child will in turn take care of the parent. My question to him was: how can a parent be absolutely sure that after spending his/her years of savings on that child’s tertiary education, that that child won’t be ungrateful and leave his/her parent to suffer in their old age due to being completely broke? He couldn’t give a definitive answer, but said that the parent should always hope for best after spending their all on them. That to me is hog wash, because God gave everyone a brain to use in protecting themselves from any potential harm due to excessive care for others at the expense of present and future care for themselves!

adult-babyIn an independent society, parents or anyone should not put themselves in the position of depending on others who might very well leave them to suffer due to their stupid decision of spending their all on others with the hope (an expectation that might not happen) that those persons will in turn support them when they are old. That’s the same thing that someone is now doing to their mother, where that person’s mother did more than she humanly could to get him through university, and NOW that he is out of university and earning the highest salary in his mother’s house, makes no attempt in doing what his mother can’t afford to do to make her house look and feel far more comfortable.

The mother has to always come and ask him for even the most obvious things that she needs; and after asking him, she has to be constantly reminding him, making her feel as if she has to first kiss his ass until he is satisfied before he can do the thing she needs. But instead of doing this, she decides to do things her self; and if she can’t afford to do it at that time, then she will just wait until she can afford to do so. I am hitting out on everyone who thinks and behaves like this, because those same persons are the ones to say “age is just a number”; but while saying that, still refuse to do even half of what their older counterpart had done during the time that person was working!

I live my life on the premise that my parent is in no way obligated to do anything for me as an adult, and as such i try my best never to ask or pressure her for anything, allowing her to decide if and when she wants to do something for me or give me something. I am not working now, and my mother will tell anyone who asks her that i am the only one in her house who doesn’t ask her for things or to do things for me. Even those who are working in the house, ask for far more things from her than i do; and that to me is a step in the wrong direction. Sometimes i forget those persons are in fact working, because there is nothing in the way they behave that shows they are working.

If others and I can use far less salary to go live on our own (pay rent, light, water, telephone, internet and grocery), then i can’t see why those persons earning fat cat salaries can’t do the same; since they claim they are adults like me (even though they are younger than me in some cases), and have the right to loud up there mouth on me and other older adults as they like.

Finally, when persons are working as adults, they must not be afraid to step out into the full world of adulthood by not being afraid to spend their own money to have the basic things they need such as food, washing soap, bathing soap, clothes pegs, phone card, just to name a few. At no time should these persons be abusing and depleting the things purchased by their parents, when they are earning far more than what the parent is earning to buy those basic things!

These are my few words to everyone reading, and guilty of this sin. Amen!

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