Jamaican netballer stalked and blackmailed online

Netball Jamaica is giving ace goal shooter Romelda Aiken their full support following revelations that she is the victim of cyber racism bullying and aggressive threats in Australia.

Aiken, who represents the Queensland Firebirds in the ANZ Netball Championship, revealed she sent a naked photo of herself to a person she met on Instagram.

The photo was then posted on various public social media platforms. The person then began a series of racial and personal attacks, stalking and threatening the star athlete over a period of months.

Her online stalker, a man who had spent months gaining her trust and winning her confidence, had followed through with his threats of blackmail.


Romelda Aiken Jamaica netball photos onlineAccording to a release from Netball Jamaica, the star netball player has gone public as a means of setting an example for young, upcoming aspirants.

“Romelda is very brave,” Netball Jamaica’s Public Relations Officer Karen Rosen said in the statement.

“She recognises her position as a role model…and has decided to make the issue public so that she can be a lesson to other young girls.

“Social media is great for interaction and communication, but there are dangers lurking, and the more we talk about these things publicly, is the more we can protect our young people… especially our girls,” the release added.

The release did not got give details of the invasion or how she was blackmailed.

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