Education: A Double Edged Sword

Education is the process of being able to absorb or impart information about a subject area, or being trained or train someone in a particular subject area. Simply put, it is the theory and practice of teaching or being taught in a particular subject area or subject areas. The initial intent and concept of education was to research, gather, and use unaltered information to guide and nurture children and adults into using their brains to think and reason effectively and firmly without being puppets to a system or set of individuals, even to his/her detriment.

However, this initial intent and concept of education has been intellectually mutated into a system of deciding which set and type of information are made accessible to the masses; and how this information should be altered before being made accessible to the masses, in order to prevent them from becoming suspicious of the altered information, and the need to go out in search of the real unaltered information. This is so evident in the plethora of classified information we have throughout our country Jamaica and the world by extension. The more secret things (such as classified information) increase, the sharper the other edge of the education sword becomes—the edge that I call the blade of Mental Slavery. I implore you to ask yourself this simple question: If there is so much classified information out there in this world, then what exactly do I really know in its entirety?

people that think outside the box do better in life than college educatedThis second edge of the education sword started gaining sharpness shortly after the end of Physical Slavery; because the good edge of education told the orchestrators of Mental Slavery that knowledge or information is power, and the less unaltered information the masses have access to, then the more they will be able to have more power over the masses. This, now mature edge of education, has provided the fertile soil for the growth and flourishing of Capitalism through the avenue of Democracy, which is purely aimed at manipulating and using the masses to work hard for nothing (referring to minuscule salaries) in order to make the orchestrators excessively rich, powerful, and comfortable. Are you now starting to see the vast similarity of this second edge of education to that of Mental Slavery?

We are surreptitiously trained over many years to put our hearts, minds, and souls into the ‘wisdom’ and ‘intellect’ of those ordained as the epitome of knowledge, expertise, and wisdom; and we were made to believe that we should do so without asking any form of self-analyzed questions. To further prevent the masses from being defiant as time goes by, a system of making defiant persons feel like the trouble makers was put in place to keep them in line with their system of Mental Slavery. What is happening to those who are determined to ask self-analyzed questions and dismiss things that do not make sense or oppressive to them, is that the orchestrators would instigate the rest of the masses to start labelling those individuals as stupid, ignorant, uneducated, irrational, nonsensical, inter alia.

I am not forcing anyone to believe or accept what I putting forward in an effort to open the minds of the masses; but what I am simply asking of the masses, is for them to at least spend some time to think about what I am trying to get across to them in order to identify those who have been controlling, manipulating, and using them for years without them really realizing. That is all I am asking of the masses to do for me; because I am convinced that my mission on Earth is to identify and point out certain things to others from a different angle or through a different lens.


I will also close by leaving you with the following question: Why is it that behaving and thinking along the ‘educational’ established lines normally make the small group of elites far richer and powerful, at the expense of the masses for decades now?

I rest my case.

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