Short Stories

The Unattended Queen

And it came to pass in that at a great festival in the west the Minister of Misinformation answered a nature call and left Her Majesty unattended.

Then a certain journalist of a far off land sought the rare opportunity of interviewing Her Majesty and approached her with microphone and notepad.

On approach, the journalist opened his mouth and said, oh mighty Queen of Comreds, it is voiced abroad that the land of Greece got a bailout from Portia Smpson her majesty funny jokes about Portia Simpson prime ministerthe scribes of the nations.

What would you do if your kingdom was to receive the same bailout?


Her majesty turned to the journalist with wild eyes and let out a loud gasp and declared “Sascrise!

If Jamaica could get a bailout, you would see us grow and flourish.”

At the same time, the Minister of Misinformation emerged from the wash room and seeing the journalist with Her Majesty threw her hands on her head and cried “Your Highness, I begged you not to make unscripted utterances.”

Alas, it was too late, for on the morrow the video of Her Majesty’s utterances was told in far off places and used as much needed comedic relief.


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