Jamaican Mothers ‘Pimpin’ out their daughters! – A Rant by ‘Bro Blue’

A teenage student of Lennon High school, Mocho, Clarendon was said to be in a relationship with a much older man—a much, much older, scraggy, rusty low life paedophile.

The man is said to be a drug dealer. I also heard the mother encouraged the girl to remain in the relationship because she was getting financial support—benefiting them both.

I also heard the girl was very uncomfortable with this man because he threatened her on many occasions with violence if she were to leave him. Eventually the girl went missing only to be found in pieces; parts of her dismembered body were discovered burning in a funeral pyre.

Neighbours alerted the police and they accosted the man. He ran and was reportedly last seen in Montego Bay. The act was committed in Goshen, Clarendon where this alleged murderer is from but he lived for some time in Montego Bay.


Jamaican mothers pimpin daughtersLet’s call this suspect Larry for the sake of argument. I am encouraging anyone who sees THIS MONSTER LARRY to notify the police.

People believe the crime is not a one-time thing and it had to be something he carried out before. I heard he was last seen in Montego Bay by a cop who had no idea that he was wanted.

The remains of the precious young lady were buried in Mocho, Clarendon and I heard she received partial TV coverage.

WARNING: Women in relationships that appear threatening, in the least, LEAVE!!!! STOP BEING LICKY, LICKY!!!!!!.

Get your own money, your own life. I also heard there are Jamaican mothers pimping their kids to OLD SCRAGGY, NASTY, RUSTY MEN for financial support as well.

It is only social margins and ‘low-lifes’ that live like this. How do you live in such a cesspool of a life???

Many Jamaican men do not understand that women are not properties. They feel they own you! A vast amount are sick and have inadequacy issues which cause extreme jealousy resulting in bodily harm and death.



Written by a very smart and articulate Jamaican who likes to go by the name ‘Bro Blue

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