Many Jamaicans Eager to Snatch up Low Paying Jobs in Trinidad

Coming off the heels of  a report by T&T’s National Security Minister Gary Griffith who said that 17,000 undocumented Jamaicans are in the country, we are now learning that there is also a big demand for Jamaicans in the Twin Island Republic.

According to a report by The Gleaner:

The availability of jobs in some sectors in T&T, albeit at the lower income levels, has rendered the twin-island republic a great lure for Jamaicans as well as nationals of other CARICOM states.

As Jamaica wrestles with an unemployment rate of 16 per cent in an ailing economy, the unemployment rate of its Caribbean neighbour stands at an enviable four per cent, and many of its nationals are not interested in the numerous low-paying jobs that are available.


Almost full employment,” declared David Frazer, a veteran journalist in T&T.

Jamaicans living in Trinidad workingThe general lure to Trinidad is employment opportunities at the lower levels or the lower- wage jobs, which Trinidadians find it difficult to accept,” Frazer told The Gleaner during the newspaper’s visit to Port-of-Spain last week.

So it is not that the Jamaicans are coming and finding it difficult to get jobs.

Trinidadians look for higher-end benefits based on tertiary-level enrolment,” said Frazer.

In fact, employers in Trinidad and Tobago are left with little or no alternative but to hire them (Jamaicans) as our nationals are just not taking up these jobs.”

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