Rastaman Charged with Bestiality

A member of the Rastafarian faith which was developed in Jamaica in the 1930s  has been charged with bestiality by the St. Lucian police after he was caught having sex with a sheep in Bexon, St. Lucia.

Police Public Relations Officer Aniel Innocent told St. Lucia News Online that the matter is  currently under investigation.

having sex with animals, enjoy animal sexThe owner of the sheep is a man by the name of Sean Rambally.

The police are currently scheduled to collect fluid from the sheep to test for semen.


“He was reported because two people picking coconuts watched him and came to call us.He go down on his knees. When I personally asked him, he said someone that send him to do that,” a source told St. Lucia News Online.

When asked if the offender is mentally stabled, our source said: “The man irie.

He is a Rasta and went Ciceron Secondary. I can’t tell you where he work but the police tell his mother make him report himself because he went to work.”

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