Economy causing hopelessness for many Jamaicans according to Seaga

Former Prime Minister, Edward Seaga, says the state of Jamaica’s economy is contributing to a sense of hopelessness, in the thousands of young people graduating from the country’s universities.

Mr. Seaga, who is Chancellor of the University of Technology (UTECH) states that because of the uncertainty of how the economy will grow, some persons leaving universities, seem to have little hope, and this is affecting the state of the economy.

Edward Seaga on JamaicaSome 1,500 persons graduated from Utech this year alone some of whom will join the list of the unemployed.

Mr. Seaga says the hopelessness, which exists among some of the country’s young people has forced many of them to settle for jobs below their qualifications.


Mr. Seaga argues that the financial investment from government into the education sector should be geared towards educating more of its citizens who will contribute to an expanding middle class of prosperous Jamaicans.

He was addressing graduates of Utech in Montego Bay, St. James on Saturday.

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