Jamaican Migrants Labelled as Sexual Harassers by Canadian Mayor

In August of this year, the CBC News in Canada reported that John Patterson, mayor of Leamington in Ontario, voiced his concerns of Jamaican men sexually harassing women at a police services board meeting. According to CBC, Paterson claimed Jamaican migrant workers have been behaving inappropriately around women and making them feel uncomfortable.

Not to be bigoted, not to be racist, not to be anything, it is directly related to some of the Jamaican migrant workers that are here,” Paterson reportedly said.

The mayor also claimed the unwanted sexual advances displayed by the Jamaican migrant workers has been going on for years. He also suggested that the  deviant behaviour was acceptable in Jamaica.

immigrant crimes, immigrants destroy countryMaybe it’s appropriate back in your hometown, but here, it’s not. So stop,” Patterson said, as he was supported by Councillor Larry Verbeke. “They’re different. They walk four or five abreast, they won’t get out of the way like the Mexicans do,” Verbeke said of Jamaican migrant workers. “It’s to the point where we need migrant workers, however, it’s hurting our downtown. Nobody wants to come downtown,” added Verbeke.


However, the Ontario Provincial Police have said they had not received any harassment complaints about Jamaican migrant workers.

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