Jamaican Men Now Wear Dresses to Parties?

Shizzle Sherlock, a Jamaican entertainer who is rising in popularity and is also renowned for his unorthodox style of dressing, caused quite a splash on social media networks following  his choice of attire at a party recently.

The photo below displays Sherlock donning what appears to be a dress, and a pair of high top strap up boots.

Based on reports by The Star, Gary Sherlock, who started the fashion group, endorses the controversial fashion trend made popular by American rapper Kanye West, however, Gary reportedly said that Shizzle Sherlock went overboard because he wore pink and his attire looked too feminine.

This is a new trend in dancehall, but based on the negative opinions being voiced by many Jamaicans, it is quite clear there won’t be much tolerance for this kind of dressing.

man dressed as woman, like to dress like a woman

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