Mandeville Prison Riot Leaves One Dead, Cops Injured

A male prisoner is dead and two cops injured, one seriously during a riot at the Mandeville police lock up today.

The dead man who has not been identified by police, as his relatives are yet to be informed, is said to be a suspect in last Friday’s shooting incident in York Town Clarendon .

Four persons including a 5-year old child were shot and wounded and their home fire bombed.  The suspect was held over the weekend when he went to the Spaulding police station to report as part of his condition of bail for another matter .


Police say about 12:15 today police officers were in the process of taking prisoners from the lock up to court, when the prisoner reportedly started to revolt.

Two police officers including a woman sergeant reportedly tried to calm the situation but were attacked and beaten by the prisoners.

police station JamaicaPolice say all injured were taken to hospital, where the prisoner died. The policeman reportedly suffered injuries to one of his eyes and head.

He is said to be in serious condition. The policewoman has also been admitted.

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