Smoking Tobacco to be Prohibited in Public

Tobacco smoking will be prohibited in public places as of Monday July 15.

The announcement was made yesterday afternoon (June 25) by health minster Dr Fenton Ferguson in his contribution to the sectoral debates.

Dr Fenton Ferguson outlined the many health dangers associated with tobacco smoking, stressing that the tobacco industry is the only one which kills its own loyal customers.

He says Jamaica is a signatory to the framework convention on tobacco control and that the country needed to fulfil its international agreements to ensure that measures are taken to continually reduce the prevalence of tobacco use and exposure to tobacco smoke. can we ban cigarettes, ban smoking, smoking to be banned, ban tobacco


The health minister says with the approval of the cabinet, he was able to implement the public health tobacco control regulations of 2013.

With the new law, person, especially children will no longer be forced to deal with the effects of second hand smoke.

In accordance with the ban, no smoking signs will be posted in areas where the practice will be prohibited such as bus stops, public transportation, workplaces, and schools.

Meanwhile, Dr Ferguson says the public education campaign on the dangers of smoking will move beyond warnings on tobacco products.

The minister says more details of the ban and its related regulations will be announced at a press conference at the ministry’s Kingston offices today.

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