Lottery Scams being viewed as Reparation for Slavery

Jamaica’s state minister in the technology ministry, Julian Robinson has expressed disapproval with the position taken by some members of the public regarding the illegal lottery scam serving as a form of reparation for slavery.

Mr Robinson who also is the chairman of the Anti-Lottery Scam Inter-Ministerial Committee says he has no support for that way of thinking and says it promotes criminality in the country.

He says it is not fair to numerous persons who have suffered as a result of the prevalence of this criminal act.

Mr Robinson says the negative ramifications which country faces from the international community  because of the lottery scam should not be celebrated nor encouraged.


Mr Robinson adds that he understands that  persons who are directly involved in the scam may view it as a form of reparation because it is their “bread and butter”.

He says the development of the lottery scam is a result of the push by the government in previous years to boost the development of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector through the training of persons in tele-marketing.

Mr Robinson adds that the use of this training to scam others can be seen as creative but there must be other positive means to use this knowledge.

Mr Robinson was speaking at a post sectoral press conference held yesterday (May 29th) morning.

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