I am Young

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Another party tonight I must be there

Exams around the corner but that’s the least

New shoes, new hairstyle must touch the streets

I am young


So why the need to worry about life

I have years and years and years to live my life

My bones are strong my flesh is tight

I need to show no respect to the elders who fought the good fight

Money is the pree don’t care how

Friends have to see that I can drive nice car and live in nice house

Read and write? No that’s not the pree


Sitting in a classroom when gun and weed out a street

Need to get rich quick and live my life

I am young


Mother and father can’t tell me where to plant my feet

My friend died by the gun

But I am still young

I shall buy a gun and be the new don man

Girls here and there that is the way I envision it

Here today gone tomorrow? at the back of my head


I am young I have all the time in the world

Step out and sell my weed and trade for a gun

One bullet to the head

And my best friend is the next dead one

I am young


I still have no fear

That can’t reach me I have years and years

As I walk the streets the leaves walk with me

Where is everyone?

Dead and gone I am alone


The sound of an engine disturbs my thoughts

One quick click of the gun and my blood is pouring to the ground

I am young I say to myself

The years and years I thought I had didn’t come

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