The barrage of temptations and distractions are constant in today’s society.

It is daily, hourly,every minute,every second. Will it end? It’s everywhere you go; the cell phones, T.V., radio, magazines, billboards, newspaper, on line, off line. What kind of life are we living? Are we really living? Do we think for ourselves anymore? Do we remember how to FEEL, how to BE?

The simplicity of existence seems to be forgotten by the majority. Is mankind living in a graveyard? Material things are necessary, but don’t get it twisted and allow it to consume and dominate you. Where is the balance in today’s society? Yin and Yang are you alive?
The consciousness of man is clearly robotic. Man is as programmed as the T.V. It is evident here on planet Earth that humanity gives more power, more attention, more respect and more love to things; than they do to self, animals, nature and to each other.
We become so addicted to things, things we don’t need or things we are unable to afford. Many steal to get what they desire. The mentality is as such: ” If I don’t get it, I’ll perhaps kill for it, lie for it or even die for it.”

spiritual, spiritualist, mojiba, poetessDesperation and greed has captured the minds of mankind. It’s imperative for us to connect with the inner realms of the Soul.
Ajala-Mother Earth and Father sky provides our natural nutrients, all that we need is at our disposal. I look forward to the moment when all of humanity will find their way home, to the divine womb of LIGHT. Beloved ones be not fooled by the endless stream of material things that floods our world. The mind can take you far away to the place of discontent and emptiness.


It’s never about quantity, it’s about quality of living that makes all the difference. All the things acquired cannot give you love or keep you alive. In fact clutter clogs the flow of our goodness. Space is a requirement in order for newness to manifest. Be vigilant, be present and always remember to breathe. Ahhhhhhhhhhh

Brothers and Sister let us keep life alive! It’s never too late to wake up to the essence of NOW! The gloriousness of our breath is a mighty gift, recognize the power of breathing and the beauty of LOVE. Please know what life is for.

Mojiba Romanetti

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