Are Jamaican Women too Superficial?

There are no good men left.

That’s what most of my female friends believe anyway. But is this really true? Are there really no good men left? Am I going to have to settle for a bottom of the barrel man?

My sistren commented on a BBM status that I have that reads: “I am afraid of lions, tigers, bears and LOVE. *side eye*, by asking me why I am afraid of love. My response was typical.

I had been taken advantage of over and over in past relationships so I have now become a woman scorned. She asked me if I met a young man that had a ‘Spartacus ‘body, average face, was a successful farmer, intelligent,  had the potential to treat me like a queen and was respectful would I date him. My response, HELLS YES! She went on to state that his downfall was that he did not speak standard English.  He was what we Kingstonians call a “country man”.


That point made me stop and think twice.

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Screenshot – Old Spice Commercial

She went on to state that she was dating two men. One man was a successful white-collar, uptown, intelligent man. The type of man that mommy told you to marry when you were younger. He had the money, the success, the nice car and he was gorgeous. The problem with him was he was too busy so they hardly saw each other. She saw him once every 2 weeks and she neither knew his family or friends. According to her, “she chased after him because she figured if she could show him what a good catch she was, he would settle down with her and they could work on building a relationship together”.

The next guy she was dating was a hustler and a drummer. He sent lunch to her office everyday, called or emailed her to ensure that she was okay, was eager to show her where he lived, who his friends were and even introduced her to mommy. He was ready to wife her and wanted to make his life better so that she could approve. What stopped her from taking that relationship further? She didn’t want to take him around her co-workers or family for fear of embarrassment.

How many of us would date a good man that was not in the conventional wrapping?

How many girls would date Movado, Assassin, Konshens, Aidonia?

I know a lot of you would. Guess what? Is ghetto dem born and grow. So what’s stopping us from finding a good man in the ghetto?

Mi nah talk bout the gunman dem. I am talking about those hustling men. Those men that work hard for their money. They might be mechanics, plumbers etc.


I asked my male friend if he would date a ghetto girl. He said once he saw that she was ambitious, he would be willing to help her to work on becoming a better woman. Why can’t females think like that?

I mean, there are some of us that have had a partner that has cheated or disrespected us and we are willing to work on the relationship and work with the man to change, why can’t we do the same with a ghetto or country man?

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