Carnival Culture Continues to Grow in Jamaica

Jamaicans are known the world over for our unique way of saying and doing things, our iconic Reggae Music and more recently Dance-hall. Though you will hear all kinds of music here, Jamaicans traditionally are not very quick to adapt cultures and customs  from other countries (Excluding the USA of course – “wi love follow dem”).

One custom seems to be slowly but surely engraving its imprint deep in the hearts of Jamaicans. That custom is the tradition of Carnival. The history of the origins of Carnival celebrations is extensive. Avid readers can read the history here.

Trinidad & Tobago  proudly holds the title as the Carnival capital of the Caribbean. To be honest I was never fond of Soca music which is present in abundance in many Carnival celebrations. My primary interest in Carnival was the gorgeous, scantily clad females I would see parading themselves on the television.

In recent years there seems to have been a significant increase in the tolerance levels of Soca music and a heightened desire for Carnival celebrations  among Jamaicans around the Island. I was somewhat surprised to discover that my parish of birth, “The Garden Parish (Saint Ann) was selected as the venue for what is currently being considered the biggest Carnival themed party in Jamaica’s history.


Dubbed “St. Ann Carnival – Soca Junkies” – The event is being sponsored by many prominent and highly respected members of the Corporate sector such as The Gleaner Company Limited and for good reason. The organizers have pledged to donate a percentage of the net income from the event to an established charity organization, to the building of computer rooms at selected primary schools or to donate desktop computers to less fortunate Primary Schools in the country on an annual basis depending on the number of events they can host annually. They have also made it clear that they intend to become the mainstay of Carnival styled parties by establishing annual events that party goers can look forward to for socializing and relaxation. By achieving this, they will be able to continue to give back to the community.

This is not an event to miss.

The flyers below contain all the necessary information to BE THERE.

Biggest party in Jamaica

Best Parties in the World

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