AFRICOM – Major Threat to Africa!

The Bottom Line is that AFRICOM is a threat to Africa’s Sovereignty, security, peace and freedoms.

The Bottom Line is that as even AFRICOM threatens Africa’s peace, safety, security, freedoms and sovereignty, so does the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative threatens the Caribbean freedoms, security, sovereignty and peace.

The Bottom Line is that our worse fears have become a nightmare reality and we seem powerless as a people, as sovereign Nations to stem the wave of imperialism and neo-colonialism that has been unleashed on us as African Peoples wherever we are.

If there were any doubts regarding America’s intention for Africa and the Caribbean, these were shattered during Hilary Clinton’s testimony before the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the US House Affairs Committee on Wednesday Jan.23. Declaring that “Al Qaeda is going to be a threat in North Africa for a long time” the outgoing US Secretary of State told the World in no uncertain terms that North Africa would be ground zero for the so called “war on terrorism” started by George Bush Jr. and now being intensified under the Obama regime.


In fact in her call for more US military action in Africa, Secretary Clinton brazenly identified SOMALIA as an example of what US Military and diplomatic assistance can do to push back Jihadist threats. SOMALIA which has been left decrepit because of US failed military strategies, for which then President Clinton voiced his most serious regret. SOMALIA, which has now been without a Central Government for decades. SOMALIA which is now splintered and left in a state of anarchy!

The Bottom Line is that when Secretary Clinton declared before a Global audience on Wednesday that the United States MUST increase its military and political intervention in North Africa she also stressed that this will be a long, difficult but necessary struggle against a “spreading Jihadist threat” in Africa.

The Bottom Line is that the vehicle for this protracted war against jihadist threats in Africa is AFRICOM, which essentially employs a military response to everything, from hunger and poverty to health care and natural disasters, spawning tribal conflicts as Africa’s oil, Minerals and Farmlands are pilfered and militarized for control.

The Bottom Line is that US Foreign policy in Africa and the Caribbean is based mainly on the militarization of the Continent of Africa to secure Africa’s wealth for their imperialist and neo colonialsts’ agendas, even while they lay the ground to counterbalance China’s overpowering rapid neo colonization of the Continent and the Caribbean

The Bottom Line is that this is another cold war – this time being fought on Africa’s soil and in the Caribbean waters – America and Europe battling ideological, political and economic prowess against the NEW COLONIZERS Imperialist China.

So when Secretary Clinton told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that Jihadists in North Africa are a direct threat to the US, she spun a tall tale of Al Qaeda in the region (the same Al Qaeda which President Obama told us was decimated and which she herself said had become a thing of the past) being newly armed and invigorated by the fallout of the Arab Spring – to defend the call for an increased role for the US Military Command for Africa – AFRICOM.

The Bottom Line is that Mrs. Clinton made no secret of America’s expectations that civil wars will abound in Africa as she brazenly declared that the US MUST provide Military resources to groups and governments in Africa to defend themselves from the coming onslaught of wars and terrorism in Africa.


The Bottom Line is that the North African Country of MALI is emerging as Ground Zero for the battle for control of Africa’s resources. France is already there with more boots on the ground that the French Revolution and the US has laid the groundwork for their military presence in MALI by declaring that the “terrorists” who killed Ambassador Chris Stevens in Bnghazi, Libya have escaped to MALI and are waging a bloody war against a “weak’ and “ineffective” MALIAN Government.

The Bottom Line is that this scramble for Africa and the Neo Colonizing AND Imperialist policies of Europe, China and America are mirrored by the declaration of the UK Prime Minister David Cameron who recently announced that Britain will shift its resources from a sole focus on Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East towards what he called “a generational struggle against Al Qaeda in North Africa”

The Bottom Line is that North Africa is significant in this new Cold War, as China spreads Northward from the Southern and Eastern plains of Africa, conquering, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and looking to looking to FURTHER solidify its interests in SUDAN.

The Bottom Line is that this series of lies of terrorism in Africa, started many years ago in Algeria with the ‘pretend’ capture of British and American Tourists in the Sahel and the creation of Al Qaeda in the Sahel, and continues today with urgency, as China unleashes its imperialist agenda across Africa, unchecked and without the presence of the American Military to scare her off.

The Bottom Line is that by telling the World that there is a “Pandora’s box of weapons in North Africa and MALI in particular, US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has sealed the fate of our brothers and sisters in MALI and North Africa and have squarely placed the vicious, brutal and wanton war against terrorism in a country which until now did not even make the news in its own region, at least not since the days of Mansa Kan Kan Musa in Timbuktu, when MALI shone as the centre of culture, education and trade.

The Bottom Line is that America’s military command, AFRICOM is without a base (headquarters) in Africa and all African Governments have rejected repeated requests and overtures by first the Bush regime and now the Obama regime for the military command to be headquartered in their country.

The Bottom Line is that with MALI as Ground Zero in the war against terrorism, AFRICOM may very well have found a home at last and Africa’s minerals, oils and farmlands once again the basis for enslavement and colonization.

With MALI as Ground Zero in this twisted imperialist cold war, and AFRICOM in the North, Europe which would otherwise be under direct threat from China on the Southern side of the Mediterranean, seems to be left with no choice but to join the new scramble for Africa, for their own security against China.

The Bottom Line, is that while AFRICA burns and loses its sovereignty to China, Europe and America, the Black Man/Woman continues to do the Freak!


That’s the Bottom Line!

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