Snoop Lion the “Potty” Trainer

Parents might not be too fond of Snoop’s latest ambitions.

The entertainer whose former name was Snoop Dogg is planning to teach the eight and nine-year-old kids under his care at the Orange County Junior All America Football League about his passion  for – marijuana, how thoughtful  of him???

The hip-hop super star who has now reinvented himself as reggae singer SNOOP LION – explained: “It’s not that I would ever push weed on our kids.”

“But if they wanted to, I would love to show them how. The right way, so that way they won’t get nothing put in their s*** or overdose or trying some s*** that ain’t clean.”


Snoop is so high on  weed education that he plans to read a book to his pupils called It’s Just A Plant: A Children’s Story Of Marijuana.

In it a little girl is taught about the “awesomeness” of dope by her parents.

Snoop told  GQ magazine: “Believe it or not, they need to know.”

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