Judge Seize Juror’s Computers In Buju Banton Investigation

Buju Banton’s ongoing high profile case into investigations of possible juror misconduct has seen a promising development.

U.S. District Judge, James Moody has ordered US Marshals to seize computers belonging to jury foreperson Terri Wright.

Imhotep Alkebulan, a member of Buju Banton’s legal team, says they are thankful the court granted their motion to have juror Wright’s computers seized to allow a defense expert to look for evidence of Internet research conducted during the trial. Judge Moody told lawyers during a telephone conference on Wednesday that he plans to subpoena more jurors and conduct another hearing into allegations that Wright violated his orders not to do outside research during the trial.

Terri Wright told a reporter for a South Florida newspaper that she researched the case, apparently during the trial.


Buju Banton is serving a 10-year prison sentence on two drug charges. The Grammy winner faces an additional five years on a related gun possession charge, but his resentencing hearing was postponed to investigate the report of juror misconduct.

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