Snoop Lion Creates Non-Profit initiative in Jamaica

After staying in Jamaica for quite some time, while recording  his upcoming album “Reincarnated” which is yet to have a release date, Rapper Snoop Lion joined forces with Reed’s Ginger Brew and to create “The Minds Garden Project”.

The project is his latest non-profit initiative to create sustainable, organic community gardens, which will, this time around, provide fresh fruits and vegetables to school aged children in Jamaica. Beverage maker Reed’s Ginger Brew has joined the effort to give back to Jamaica, adding momentum, as they prepare to launch a massive Mind Gardens awareness campaign on
According to reports, Snoop said: “When I went to Jamaica we took time to visit these communities in Kingston, and I was deeply affected by the poverty and lack of good food available to the children,” Snoop Lion said. “No child should go hungry. After all the inspiration Jamaica had provided me, I felt compelled to create a program to give back to the community.”
Snoop also has plans to expand the project into the United States saying: “This is just the start, we have some big plans to roll out Mind Gardens stateside in the year to come. We can all do our part to help people eat healthier and live better. Bless up! Jah Rastafari!”.
Reed’s Ginger Brews, founded in 1989, is based on traditional Jamaican style ginger ales or “ginger beers”.

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