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Phone Number Exchange: A True Story

I met a young man, at the Bob Marley Museum on Hope Road, recently in October 2012. When Ric asked me for my number I was reluctant at first. It’s not my style to give out my phone number socially, especially to people I am unfamiliar with.

I however decided to “lighten up,” that day. But before I gave Ric my number, I told him distinctly that all I had to offer him was friendship and nothing else, he smiled and then agreed. The same day I met Ric, in less than an hour, he send me a text message complimenting me about my smile and the Yin and Yang tattoo he saw on my arm. I waited a while before I replied; I then decided to acknowledge him and then I responded. All said to him was, “give thanks Ric.” The following day, the text marathon began! He wanted to know all that he thought Iknew about spirituality. He expressed that he was eccentric and was tired of stooping to people’s level of consciousness. He went on to say that he didn’t know, he would ever meet someone like me.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that Ric was either; very bored, lonely, very friendly, or all the aforementioned. When I had no credit, he would send me credit to ensure that I had credit to text him back. I thought for a few minutes; what a kind soul. The texting conversations were spiritual based and were very interesting. We had no sexual dialogue.

Anyway, within the first week of meeting Ric, he started making suggestions about wanting to see me. I declined every time he asked. One evening about 21/2 weeks after meeting him; I decided to allow him a visit. I sat with him in my back yard, for I didn’t wish for him to know my house address. I live in a complex. We spoke for about 2 hours outdoors on a cement bench. When I realized that he started to look extremely comfortable, I decided to cut the visit. I then told him I had to go inside, at least three times. I then escorted him to the main gate of the complex. I extended my hand to shake his hand, but, while I was saying farewell; Ric, decided to “give me a hug instead.


This was the first and last time I saw Ric, after meeting him at the museum. He became very clingy; the texting started very early in the mornings and late at nights. He claimed to be very intrigued by my spirituality and my beautiful mind. He religiously kept on sending me invitations to “hang out.” But I was genuinely uninterested in seeing Ric and I thought he was very fortunate to have my number. This was more than enough for me. I started ignoring his messages after awhile because became too much for me. Suddenly, Ric got real annoyed one morning, via text of course, and told me that he was tired of texting me and that I didn’t respect him as much as he respected me, he went on to say that it seemed as if he was only good for texting. He felt he was wasting his time; because I would not let him into my physical space.

I was amazed by the reasoning ability of this young man, who was only twenty years young; truthfully, Ric looked like he was almost forty!

I decided to put an end to this texting drama or perhaps a trauma for him. I told him that I didn’t own him anything and that he was to delete my phone number.
This man obviously had expectations. He lost control of his feelings and got real frustrated. When he realized that I had no desire to hang out with him, his true colors could no longer hide.

Giving your phone number is directly or indirectly inviting that person in your life; whether consciously or unconsciously. I could have taken his number and he would never have gotten a call or a text; I wonder wish would have been better?

In all situations, however, there is gold! Therefore, I am strengthened and extremely grateful for this PHONE NUMBER EXCHANGE episode. I was reminded and discovered many things from this encounter, here’s my list. LIFE CHANGING : A. There are endless of lonely and tormented people out there .B. People think it’s your responsibility to make them, “Feel good. “C. People are quick to assume that if they are interested in you, you may be interested in them also .D. People who are hurting like to see others hurt. Hence the famous eternal saying; “Misery Loves Company.’

E. When you don’t feed people’s desires or massage their EGOS, they are liable to become resentful, angry or annoyed by you or with you.

F. In all experiences, there is GOLD.


G. There’s nothing to EVER REGRET!

H. People are quick to assume, that if they like to talk, you too must like to talk.

I. Follow your Spirit ALWAYS.

J. You owe nobody NOTHING (especially your phone number)

Mojiba Romanetti
Creative/Spiritual Writer/Guru- Journalist

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