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Yield Not To Temptation

There’s a song from the Christian religion which has these words in its first verse: Yield not to temptation,...

Cover Me

The story behind this piece of art is one which is definitely worth thinking about. Especially in a world...

Almost Forsaken

The work here is a mixed media stencil print which was originally created in 2007.   I do art...

Dominoes Fridays

DOMINOES FRIDAYS, depicts the very well known dominoes game being enjoyed by a group of men on a Friday...

Rastaman Wash Day

Rastaman Wash Day, is a portrayal of an activity which is common in Jamaica – the washing of dirty...

Bast Symphony

This piece was completed using Pen & Ink and colour pencil. Bast symphony is an Egyptian goddess who is...

Dr. Birds

This illustration is outlined with ink, charcoal and pencil. The piece shows two hummingbirds around a hibiscus flower. The hibiscus...
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