Think about it, you’re not married to him, you don’t have any children for him, he doesn’t live with you – you don’t wash, cook or clean for him.

You don’t even love… love! You don’t even like him, you cringe at the thought of his lips on yours, yet whenever he visits, say once or twice per week and have sex with you – he gives you money.

Now, before you get all defensive and start justifying your position – as if there is any justification for ‘bartering’ your body. Ask yourself this question. If you didn’t sleep with him, would he still give you money? Be honest with yourself.

If you answered yes, which I am sure some of you have, answer this next question. What is the difference between you and the person on the street ‘plying their wares’?

Oh, pardon me; the difference is that they ‘sell’ to more than one person. Well, let’s explore that. There are many successful businesses who would much rather service one client, as long as that client can suffice their expenses and secure enough profit. So, it may just be that you are fortunate enough to have one good, loyal ‘client’ – lucky you!



Ask yourself another question. If this man or woman left you, could you survive on your own? Or, would you now have to find another or other clients to fill that gap?

Although I know that what you choose to do with your body is entirely up to you, or rather, down to you, it’s quite disheartening to see you, my sisters selling your bodies, for a phone card, KFC chicken, money – for anything at all for that matter. Your body is sacred, respect yourself. The hairdresser shop is a typical place to hear stories about the amount of men these women ‘nyam’ out.

While there may be men who will give money to women and not expect anything in return, most men, who engage in these sorts of behaviours, will certainly expect something. Be careful, a friend of mine told me that she used to take things from men, gave nothing in return, but was forced to discontinue the dangerous practice when one of the men she conned threaten to kill her.

I am always turned off by men who find it necessary to approach me by telling me what they have, in an effort to date me. Men! Please don’t upset me, if I was even available to be dated, I would not be interested in what you have, but rather who you are.

So, let us try it again, start by stating your name, your intentions and a little about yourself.

Several years ago, when I used to have lunch at a popular restaurant, I noticed a particular man who seemed to be interested in me. He would always be at the restaurant before I got there or just a few minutes after I arrived, which seemed more than just mere coincidence, since I didn’t have a set lunch time.

Anyway, we happened to share a table one day and after a few minutes of small talks, he asked for my phone number, of which I politely refused. On another occasion he asked again, but this time not only was his request augmented, it had an expiry date. He boasted about the many things he had and when he realized that what he had didn’t move me, he told me he was going to migrate to the USA by the following week. Thus, it was crucial that I gave him my number so he could communicate with me, it was even more essential since the possibility existed that I may get the opportunity to migrate as well.

It was one of two things, the man either thought that I was for sale or he didn’t think much of himself so much so that he had to enhance himself with material things. I would hasten to think it was the latter because I believe that the blind would be able see that I am not for sale. And as much as I wanted to straighten him out, I politely refused his request once again.

Not that this makes any difference, but just so you know that a couple weeks later, I saw the same man one night and many nights following, beckoning to people to take his raggedy, illegal, or as Jamaicans would say ‘robot’ taxi. He didn’t even look at me.

I find approaching a lady by telling her the things you have, quite offensive, and while there is no excuse for this sort of behaviour, one cannot ignore the fact that having material possessions is the main, if not the only requirement for some women to be in a relationship with a man. Thus some men tend to believe that most, if not all women are like that.

Again, while selling your body is your business, the truth is, because of you, the level of respect that some of our male counterparts used to have for us have been eroding. I once saw a man who had a high-end vehicle which he called, ‘drop draws’ and when I enquired about what he meant, he laughed and said that when he drove that particular vehicle, women flocked him.

There was a point in time; based on the standards I have for myself I would defend women, I honestly believed that there were certain things that were beneath a woman. But then the reality hit me, as surprising as it is many women have little or no respect for themselves. Where is your self-worth? Where is your dignity? Are those not important anymore?

Regrettably, some of you have forgotten how powerful and priceless you are, so much so that you are prostituting and you don’t even know it.

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Think about it, you’re not married to him, you don’t have any children for him, he doesn’t live with you – you don’t wash, cook or clean for him. You don’t even love… love! You don’t even like him, you cringe at the thought of his lips on yours, yet...

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