“Likkle but tallawah”, and betraying its population of three million, Jamaica is rightly lionised around the world, based on the superlative accomplishments of so many of the countries citizens.

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A small sampling of luminaries includes Marcus Mosiah Garvey, ONH; Robert Nesta (Bob) Marley, OM; Jimmy Cliff (James Chambers), Usain St. Leo Bolt OJ, CD; Shelly-Ann Fraser; Marlene Joyce Ottey, OD; Harry Belafonte (Harold George Bellanfanti, Jr), Louise Bennett-Coverley (Miss Lou) , OM, OJ, MBE. Yes, the list of outstanding Jamaicans is ridiculously long.

The entire world remains in awe of this small country wonder! The inability of the country to achieve and display its ultimate exceptional potential is questioned with understandable dismay by citizens of the world and Jamaicans living locally and worldwide. Compounding the disappointment of the interested and invested are reports of the seemingly senseless record number of murders, unscrupulous politicians amassing massive illicit wealth and being intimately interwoven with gangsters. Dishonest, now disbarred lawyers, foul Petri-dished police personnel and misguided parents with delinquent fathers and children add to the toxic mosaic inhibiting the blossoming of the society.

The above referenced successful Jamaicans have uniformly demonstrated vision, definition of and dedication to purpose, commitment to discipline and willingness to persevere despite all odds. When overcome by unexpected adversity they did not wilt. Instead these exemplary Jamaicans rededicated themselves with renewed focus to their mission.

Today’s Jamaica has men and women of similar potential. Leader of the opposition People’s National Party (PNP), Peter Phillips, despite, and just maybe because of his years should be able to re-organise his and the party’s priorities and with renewing and rededication of the PNP help in achieving the very best welfare of every Jamaican while reshaping the Jamaican political landscape and discourse.

Petty politics, myopic planning and the nastiness of inter party rivalry must be sacrificed on the altar of the pure. Re-education of all Jamaicans, at every opportunity regarding social justice and citizen responsibility must be the new guiding principle. Consensus in the opposition party to rightly put Jamaican and Jamaicans first, supported by the input of committed, reasoned stakeholders must infuse every decision.

Teachers, students, parents, children, pastors, professional bodies and their membership, lawyers, doctors, nurses, farmers; indeed, every member of the society yearns for positive leadership which will result in a new, more satisfying, rationale, peaceful and society uplifting norm. Ronald Thwaites, working closely with Peter, can wield his enormous influence and legal sagacity towards making this laudable near impossible goal, reality soon. Other stalwarts of the PNP, and those knowing well where all the bodies are buried, can usher in a renouncing of the old evil ways which yielded no good. Though some demand a truth and reconciliation commission, going that far may not be entirely necessary. The recent wise public pronouncement by the current PNP Member of Parliament for St. Thomas, Dr. Fenton Rudyard Ferguson, that achieving improved security and reduction in murders in the country cannot be the responsibility of the current National Security Minster, Robert Montague, alone, is commendable. This is a welcomed, new and sane approach to governance.

The Governor General Sir Patrick Allen must expand quickly and considerably the ‘I believe initiate’. Its laudable goals including building of self-confidence, commitment to the scared principles of truthfulness, honesty, kindness, and treating others as one wishes to be treated, must pervade.

The young Prime Minister and leader of the Jamaica Labor Party (JLP), Andrews Holness, has to be vigilant and persistently forward thinking. He must consistently and forcefully advocate for changes in the coarse culture. Logrolling, political incest and tribalism should be extinguished. No longer can ‘see no evil, hear no evil’ be excused as political expediency and a way to keep party faithful drinking unquenchably from the trough of the limited public purse. He must pay immutable, vigorous attention to the recognised ills pervading society.

Persons accumulating road traffic offences as though they are envied investments in the stock market, must consequently immediately pay large, inescapable fines to inexorably advance this cause. Civil, socially accepted positive conduct must become the norm and required in all schools. Public sector employees intersecting with the public must undergo mandatory customer service training. Genuine accountability from law enforcement must be the recognised standard. This does not eliminate the need for the society to properly provide legal protection for officers who while responsibly, properly and professionally executing their responsibilities in the line of duty become unfortunate targets of Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM). All forms of indiscipline must be targeted.  Whether this conduct is exhibited by a handy cart man, a ‘higgler’ or the well-dressed doctor; law and order must prevail. Citizens of Singapore will be quick to educate the un-informed this was the path to achieving their acclaimed success.

Deep down most Jamaicans yearn for a disciplined society where fairness and lawful behaviour prevail. Most are looking for the leadership which will allow them to give of and in return live to best of their ability in a safe and respected world-famous Jamaica.

Having sampled her virtues the entire world, wisely or not, has for too long been holding its collective breath waiting for Jamaica to achieve her amazing, glorious potential. Jamaica and Jamaicans cannot suffocate any longer. Let the world begin to daily inhale your true inviting aroma of resounding resourcefulness, goodness and stellar accomplishments.

By Leon Wright

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“Likkle but tallawah”, and betraying its population of three million, Jamaica is rightly lionised around the world, based on the superlative accomplishments of so many of the countries citizens. A small sampling of luminaries includes Marcus Mosiah Garvey, ONH; Robert Nesta (Bob) Marley, OM; Jimmy Cliff (James Chambers), Usain St....

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