Jamaican Proverbs

1.“Pot pon fire  don’t cry for hungry.” 

This means to be patient.

2.“Every dog and puss have dem 4 o’clock.”

Everyone has a time limit.

3.“When neighbour beard catch fire, teck wata damp your own.”

When you see trouble, learn from it and prevent the same.

learn some proverbs4.“You ramp wid pickney, but you share him salt-ting different.”

You can be friendly with children but you must also draw the line with them.

5.“Shet mout’ nuh catch fly.”

You cannot get anything with your mouth closed.

6.“Tom drunk but Tom nuh fool!”

Someone pretending to be innocent to gain knowledge.

7.“Monkey waan pants, him fi know whey him put him tail.”

Sacrifice in order to gain something.

8.“Meck me ears nyam grass.” Be silent.

9.When dish towel tun table clat, it mash up everyting!”

Get promoted, you hold down everybody else.

10.“When plantain waan dead, it shoot!”

Sexual satisfaction is achieved when needed.

11.“A nuh everyday monkey waan wife!”

Sex is not needed all the time.

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