15 Children Murdered So Far This Year

14-year-old Kayalicia Simpson yesterday became the fifteenth victim of child killers in Jamaica.

Following the gruesome discovery of her body with her head partially severed, a sense of despair has swept across the island.

Another 14-year-old girl was brutally murdered earlier this year and dumped underneath a bridge in garbage bags.

Several political figures have addressed the severe issue of children being killed in Jamaica.


According to Irie FM, in reacting to the murder of Kayalicia Simpson, Opposition Leader Andrew Holness challenged Jamaicans to turn in every criminal they know to the police. 

He says this is not just a matter for the police, as Jamaicans must play their role in turning-in all the criminals, especially those that prey on women and children.

Mr Holness says there appears to be an emerging trend where young girls are beig targeted by criminals, or people known to the victims.

He adds that government is failing in its role to protect children.

The Education Minister, Reverend Ronald Thwaites has also called on communities to protect children from predators.

Kayalicia Simpson via iriefm.net
Kayalicia Simpson via iriefm.net

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Sahbi Said
8 years ago

That’s so terrible! But they need to be looking at foreigners too. It’s not always the usual suspect when it comes to murders like this. Also, the community needs to be the biggest circle of protection! Forget waiting on the police or others to protect you. You have to do it yourself sometimes as a collective unit.

Courtney Rowe
8 years ago

Mr. Hollness is correct, portia Simpson’ s government doesn’t care about the kids, look at the music industry; you got these grown men singing songs like , and I parafrase; ” dung inna, dung inna you throat gal, and these songs are playing on the Radio stations. Where’s the managers for these stations? Where’s the government for Jamaica? We are a small Island. Can’t we take care of such a small issue?


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Marie Petronzio
8 years ago

“He adds that government is failing in its role to protect children.” hmm, let’s think about that sentence…

The government is failing to protect children, to protect adults, to protect the elderly, to protect citizens from disease; for denying access to adequate health care; failing to provide basic necessities of life, such as food, housing, safety, and ways in which one can be self-sufficient.

Candy Twystid Walker
7 years ago

Did you grow up rich or poor ? * Since the start of the year over 23 kids have been killed in Jamaica. * 1/2 of the population of children in Jamaica live below the poverty line. * 1/3 of children in Jamaica attend school hungry. We are seeking to raise $36,000 USD to start our project Free Spirit :- that will start off by sponsoring 100 kids through school each year – with food – school supplies -tuition fee and housing. We have only managed to raised $90 so far from our website. It’s not that our project Free… Read more »