Sale of Counterfeit Motor Vehicle Insurance Becoming Widespread

Scamming unfortunately has become quite pervasive within our society.

For many it is a relatively easy way to obtain large amounts of money, often times with minimal effort and scammers are constantly finding new ways to defraud persons of their money.

According to the Gleaner,  fake motor vehicle insurance documents are being sold across the island for as little as $13,000.

For between $13,000 and $16,000 motorists can receive counterfeit comprehensive insurance documents that look very real according to a Gleaner probe.


Documents for any make or model vehicle covering a one year period can be produced.

Police are aware of these schemes and have discovered 43 cases of fraudulent insurance cover notes, resulting in 18 convictions over the past seven months.

According to head of the Police Traffic Division, Senior Superintendent Calvin Allen, while investigators are yet to determine the source of all the fraudulent documents, they have arrested motorists who have all claimed they obtained the documents from legitimate insurance companies.

scammers fake car motor insurance
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Source: The Gleaner

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