Deaf man Killed in Clarendon

A deaf man was killed in Clarendon on Friday night.

The man who is popularly known as ‘Eddie’ has been identified as 34-year-old Oral Morse from the Rosewell community..

According to residents in the area, gunmen went to a bar in the area at approximately 9:30 pm, and proceeded to beat up a bartender and also fired shots.

“Those who were around ran as they heard the shots, but because Eddie is deaf, he didn’t hear anything,” said a friend of the deceased.


Eddie was reportedly shot three times and died on the spot.

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Source: Loop Jamaica

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Leslie Gordon-Martin
7 years ago

Why call deaf mute?? This old news. Deaf mute mean can’t talk? Why he goes to bar to socialize with friends and ordered drink. Time to change to hearing impaired or deaf. He can communicate with signing language or read lipreading or write. I find very oppressed being mute. Lack of education. SHM…

Marshalee Goodaz Thompson

very sad

Sandra Peters
7 years ago

Dam Jamacian they have no love in their heart

Delores Burke
7 years ago

so sad

Jah Mike
7 years ago


Sherika Sloley
7 years ago

Jamaica getting from bad to worse!

Zyah PurpleGraham
7 years ago

What wrong with gunman they need Jesus

Shernalee Morse
7 years ago

very sad but some of the info is incorrect.

Julian Walker-Denton
7 years ago

Jah know

Seth Green
7 years ago

Here someone has died and you say Jamaica needs Jesus none of you think about what you can do to stop things like that from happening stop people from starving and going to drastic means to survive your politicians will not help you they are a part of the problem and so is religion take matters into your own hands if you want change

Andrea Angie Tater
7 years ago

Just another case of little boys who can’t tek lik nor reasoning like a man suh they draw guns sad part is the innocent get killed!!!!!

Sandra Peters
7 years ago

Alot of people around the world don’t have Jesus , but believe in humanity, love and a since of responsibility to one another. What they want in Jamaica is to stop being so seofish.

Jonathan Steer
7 years ago


Daley Rock Humble Tarra

Gunman need jesus come joint prayers put away the gun

Joseph Rochester
7 years ago

iam very sad for eddies is deaf