Businessman Charged for Murder of 14-yr-old Schoolgirl

A Westmoreland businessman has been charged for the recent murder of 14-year-old schoolgirl Santoya Campbell.

According to Irie FM, the accused has been identified as 37-year-old photo studio operator Cornelius Robinson of Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland.

On Tuesday,January 27, the teen’s body was found in a garbage bag under a bridge, close to the Frome Technical High School where she was a grade eight student.

Robinson was taken into custody shortly after the grisly discovery.


A post mortem revealed that Campbell who was  pregnant, died from strangulation.

Robinson was charged with murder by the Westmoreland police on Friday.

The accused is to appear in the Savanna-la Mar Resident Magistrates Court  later this week.

killer of Santoya Campbell?
Santoya Campbell – Image Source:

Source: Irie FM

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Nikkii Smith
6 years ago

OMG!!! so horrific and tragic…

Kerriann Mcbean
6 years ago

wow i cant believe all these things happening in my home town, she is so young…..pregnant! murdered!

Berneta Layne
6 years ago

This man did not have to kill her she could be his daughter.i know these teen are out of control but don’t care what he did not have to take her life he shoul received the full force of the law .bet he have children and a wife

Towanki Wallace
6 years ago

Omg what is really happening….SUCH a horrible tale

Tishana Cole-Robertson

I know the mother is grieving but she needs to be arrested too.. She knew about this relationship and didn’t say anything. Even allowed this man to sleep over her house based on reports. How can a parent allow that. This was not even her first pregnancy by him.. He deserves life in prison and these parents need to do better with reporting these pedophiles…

Rachael Brown
6 years ago

Whats the matter with the world is the world gone mad?…nothing wrong with the world its just the people thats in it……

Margi-Ann Gobern Crossley

These teens are too bad…what would she be doing having a relationship with a grown mam..don’t even want hear anything more..big man them want big man them get..maybe the man even married…I hope lightning strike all men who sleep with kids..I hate it and I hate how young girls think they are grown before time kmt

Valerie Forbes
6 years ago

I can’t believe some people here are actually blaming a 14 y.o. child for getting pregnant and murdered by a 37 y o. man. Are you guys hearing yourselve. A 14 y.o. is still a child under the law and is, therefore, incapable of consenting to sexual intercourse or entering into a contract. There is good reason why the law treats individuals 16 y.o. and under that way. They have not yet develop the sense to understand the consequences of their actions. No matter how “big” a man believes a 14 y.o. may look or act, if he has any… Read more »

Winston Holgate
6 years ago

He should have acted with responsibility as a father figure. And I have worked with some young people and I will tell you they understand certain things. So if you are posting things out of theory or speculations until you have worked with young people and their parents then…..

Winston Murray
6 years ago

These adults wont stop sexing the schoolgirls. Now when dem get pregnant and dont want to abort them afi kill them to keep them mouth shut. Parents uno must be blame too! not vigilant with the kids and some a uno know what a gwone and support it.

Eileen Dawkins
6 years ago

what is wrong with these so called men…why cant they leave the children alone…mothers please rise up and be real mothers to your daughters…please!!!!!!!!!!1

Janet Ewen
6 years ago

We need to get back to God and his words. Cable is mashing up our country etc

Donavan Street
6 years ago

Reports have it that this was her second pregnancy and her mother was actually the one who sold her… interesting how no-one asked where her mother was in all of this…

Valerie Forbes
6 years ago

For all these men here who think that they are not culpable for having sex with a 14 y.o. (boy or girl) simply because the 14 y.o. “they know what they getting into” or “that they understand certain things” ….it”s called STATUTORY RAPE! The law says a 14 y o. CANNOT GIVE CONSENT! So, whether she said yes or no is irrelevant. Whether she “knows what she is getting into” or not is irrelevant. I can only assume that all the men here blaming the 14 y.o. for having sex with a 37 y.o man believe its ok for a… Read more »

Karen Smith
6 years ago

The mother them a sell out dem daughter fi money…

Tishana Cole-Robertson

If these grown men say no to these underage girls then hey wouldn’t be so out of control.. Stop accepting these behaviors and the pattern will change.. Report these nasty bastards and stop blaming these children. I was a little girl and I remember these grown men trying to talk to me even when I was in my school uniform. My mother raised me very well and I was never in need so I didn’t fall prey to this foolishness.. These girls are not out of control these nasty men are…

Denise Muma Lawson
6 years ago

omg dese ppl r suh sick

Monique Nembhard-Wilson

It is termed ‘statutory rape’…because a minor CANNOT give consent to have sex. We always blame the children WHAT ABOUT THIS ADULT THAT TOOK ADVANTAGE OF HER? Young girls act this way because of these nasty pigs and because adults like some of the posters here, her parents and this dutty businessman are ignorant to the immorality involved and who the actual victim is.

Stevian Simmonds
6 years ago

If this man was sleeping with this child, her parents and guardians who would have known about this should also be charged for negligent parenting. we are living in a sick society, when things like this can be happening and only when it ends in tragedy someone is held accountable.

Sheila Swaby-lewis
6 years ago

He didnt have to!!!!!!!

Dejanae Samuels
6 years ago

Wicked act. If d parents know Dem FI go prison too

Mizznadine Roberts
6 years ago

I pray for my Island. I hope one day there can be a system set in place to assist struggling families and individuals, Maybe then such a young girl wont need to go to these older men that’s just using them to take their innocence and in some cases their lives. May God bless her Family and love ones.

Gissi Teddybear Campbell

lol 8grade gyal wed 37 year old man???? dwrcl noosa a wah dis ya mi a 15 n i nuh go so far dwl!! nosa, but its sad still, rip

Couri Ramsay
6 years ago

Head if she kept her legs CLOSED & her BRAIN open , she may be here alive today. The real facts matters in black lives. ( GET REAL BLACK PEOPLE) no pitty in my end.

Dee Laing
6 years ago

Lord have mercy on our children. Protect them from these evil men. Although if s my daughter mi gone a prison. Amen

Juliet Taylor
6 years ago


Marcelle Schierbeek
6 years ago

There needs to be a whole lot of teaching in schools about sexual abuse of minors in the community! Time to empower the children and young people!! Nobody deserves this. Leaving the family broken…. RIP. When are these men going to pay for what they did?!

Banny G Click
6 years ago

Maybe, this evil mother is one of those who stand for nothing and fall for everything; she may be a single parents with a devilish child who maybe one she cannot talk to, involved in everything and involved with one of what they called today ”Dog Hart Man”, evil and wicked. Many time teachers, parents, up to Police men know of these activity and draw white sheet over everything; do nothing about it until worst of the worst realized. Sorry for the child who never really get the chance to realize her dream, exposed to early by a carless parent.… Read more »

Sonia Peart
6 years ago

omg what has our sweet jamaica gone to look down upon us lord

Holly South
6 years ago

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Stacy British
6 years ago

To be poor is really a crime..a lot of these mothers are too licky,licky they like when man a mine up them daughter so that they can cash in too,it’s a disgrace to see a young life taken away in this tragic way..why relatives and neighbour sit around and see these things happening and no one say nothing….this dirty pedophile don’t need to see the next light of day…really sad

David Herley
6 years ago

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