Reports Surface of Multi-Million Dollar Plot to Kill Andrew Holness

Reports are now surfacing of an alleged plot involving millions of dollars to assassinate Opposition Jamaica Labour Party leader, Andrew Holness.

According to one report by Nationwide News, yesterday, JLP General Secretary, Dr. Horace Chang and  Head of the Protective Services Branch, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Donovan Graham, confirmed that security has been boosted around the JLP leader.

Security  for Dr. Chang has also been bolstered.

According to police sources, a 7-million dollar bounty has been placed on the life of Andrew Holness and the gunmen have already been paid half of the money to carry out the assassination. 


The other half of the money was to be paid upon completion of the job.

It is believed the gunmen were hired to carry to Kill Holness by two Labour party members.

It’s understood that the alleged plan to kill Holness is being motivated by bitter disputes within the Labour party, the report also stated.

plot to kill murder Andrew Holness JLP who tried to kill Andrew Holness
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Source: Nationwide News

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Dawn Ranger
8 years ago

This is really a sad time in Jamaica! Where did this all begin and when will it end? God help us all!

Marvette Smith
8 years ago

we need devine intervention..lord save us

Silburn Anderson
8 years ago

those who is a part of that some go to jail

Sean Morgan
8 years ago

i would look outside the jlp first. his demise would suit others

Caroll Sterling
8 years ago

Mi say is so sad wat Jamaica gone to father if we never did at no time we need u now

Sandra Peters
8 years ago

What’s wrong the politicians in Jamaica think that they own Jamaica and all the people in it, They don’t know that they are working for the people of Jamaica. Their name is not on the title of Jamaica. Jamaica is not a cash grab most of them are their to take what’s there. It is a sickness in the black countries. They kill one another to claim the prize. We have to start thinking differently for the good of the people of Jamaica. Nothing much is there and everybody wants it.

Jeanette Bent
8 years ago

On God send your Holy Spirit to trouble the consciences of the gunman, and those plotting to assinate Andrew Holiness, oh God, help them to realize that they are being used by Satan and will be caught. Lord hear my prayer. Amen.

Fitz Vanderburgh
8 years ago

It’s is very bad when intolerance and personal ambition generate such demure solution. Sometimes these things could be rumors but likelihood of such communication cannot be swept under the rug. I can remember years ago when there “predeceased rumors about the honourable Donald burn Sangster and Dr Ken Jones. There were the same about MP Roy Gann. In view of Roy’s assassination one cannot ignore any such rumor or facts. The essence of two party democracy is having an opposition to point out possible missed pitfalls and better policies through debate. The role of government is the everyday business of… Read more »

George Bond
8 years ago

oh what a political web is woven before election time….and this is just the start of the propaganda machine…ha ha….lets see some proof.!………..I think this story is a distraction away from the upcoming restart of the Tivoli enquiry…without proof it didn’t happen.!……..dinosaurs clutching at straws……..x

Umm Taahira
8 years ago

is this what the country comes to..are those who suppose to run the country become s crimminals.hit man

Michelle Michelle
8 years ago

Only god can help us, its very crazy in Jamaica, but let us put our trust in the almighty god…

Brian O Lynch
8 years ago

At the risk of anyone calling me a PNP, let me say this. I wouldn’t think it is the PNP for the simple fact, the PNP realizes that as long as Holness is the leader of the JLP, they the JLP will not win an election. Being so, there’s no reason for the PNP to want him dead because he is no threat to them. The police need to look within his own party because that is where the hatred is. They want him out because they (party members with ambition to rule) knows that the JLP supporters prefer Holness… Read more »

Ricky Williams
8 years ago

Jamaicans need psychological help too much negative vibes coming from there mouths, as bob Marley states we need a positive mental attitude to life no matter how poor you are.

Aldith Virtue-Murray
8 years ago

Wow. not new to the JLP.

Aldith Virtue-Murray
8 years ago

Wow not new to the JLP. They did that to the PNP in the 80’s, Roy McCan. Attempt on O.D. Ramtalie. I wish the police had handled this differently, they could have gotten these guys had they just gone alone with the plot.

Veronica Chambers
8 years ago

i hope the law runs its full course in this one

Jonathan Smith
8 years ago

Seems to be rumor more than anything else. I would doubt this alleged plot unless concrete evidence is provided.

Veda Miller
8 years ago

thats so sad

Norman Robinson
8 years ago

I dont believe on word of it. One of the easiest place to kill someone is Jamaica. 7 million?

Colleen Smith Hall
7 years ago

Other countries go to war with each other but our Jamaican people go to war against other innocent jamaicans! Where do we get this killing mentality from?