Key Witness in Vybz Kartel murder trial Shot Dead

According to the Observer, a man who was a key witness in the Vybz Kartel murder trial was shot dead in the Waterford area of Portmore, St Catherine this morning.

Reports reaching OBSERVER ONLINE are that Damion Orrett also known as Ratty was in the community when a gunman alighted from a motorcar and shot him just before 9:00vam.

Another man was injured during the shooting and was taken to hospital.

Source: Jamaica Observer

Vybz Kartel murder trial witness murdered killed
Image Source: RJR News

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Rohan Chris Henry
8 years ago

This must be a joke…
How can it be, that he played a critical role for the state by securing a conviction and he was not at protected.
What do you expect others to do in the future.
And we talk about justice…..kmt

Donovan Crawford
8 years ago

d real question is wy was he still living in Waterford? Must be a good reason, perhaps nowhere else to go. 🙁

Levar Skullaz Armstrong

It has ntn to do with kartel what’s wrong with you people

Cassiem Snoopdan Spottalion Raymond

people don’t let the media miss-lead unuh cuz a true a waterford portmore him dead thats y they are saying these thing n y is he in the community if him and everybody knw him a witness n how him nuh protected n y kill him nw when dem could a kill him long time!!!? they are still try to tarnish vybz kartel rep just like what they did wid cory todd shooting!!! bt jah naa sleep if him n him frenz did it or not he ain’t the worse person in the world cuz the media, government and the… Read more »

Ann Phillpotts
8 years ago

Please consider that there are some persons who refuse to enter into the Protective Witness Programme. This is the chance that they take.

Paul Smith
8 years ago

Wurl Boss inna prison, how the man fi involve?…leave the man name outta this unfortunate tragedy…AH HA!! Dat iz it!!

Russman Glen
8 years ago

why would someone think vybz kartel have something to do with this?? why wouldnt they just kill him before the trial?? think ppl, kartel anuh angel enuh, but a nuff bad name him get for things other ppl do

Artiste Harry Pattan
8 years ago

Informs FI dead

8 years ago

i guess they are putting wings on their rats and lizards. from yuh hear di name ratty, is like him a ratout people long time.

Jody Ann Barrett
8 years ago

police cant even protect them-self a wi them ago protect! lol look how di brinks man them surround the truck n them still fail !lol

Jody Ann Barrett
8 years ago

i hope if anything happen to yuh mother yuh ask the witness fi shut him mouth ! n it nuh must have anything fi do with kartel either

Jody Ann Barrett
8 years ago

if a neva fi informa some a wi wouldnt know shit

Michael Diamond
8 years ago

It is quite sad the level of ignorance that exist in so many of our brothers and sisters. There’s no encouragement for the ones struggling to better themselves through a good education, etc. Yet many are quick to lend support to the very diseased infested cockroaches that corrupt our beautiful country. Then wonder why things don’t change… Mr. Palmer is in prison not only because the so-called justice system failed but also because he himself failed to do better. All the idiots that keep saying ‘informa fi dead’ wouldn’t be chanting that nonsense when someone kill their family member. Stop… Read more »

Barrington Hall
8 years ago

That witness must be a fool, what is he doing in portmore kartel hit man lives in waterford must be mad

Beans Evrfresh
8 years ago

Lamar next