Jamaica is 3rd in List of Most Homicidal Countries in The World

Jamaica has ranked third on a list of the most murderous countries in the world.

The list is a part of the United Nations and the World Health Organization 2014 Global Status Report on Violence Prevention.

The Global status report on violence prevention 2014, reflects data from 133 countries, is the first report of its kind to assess national efforts to address interpersonal violence, namely child maltreatment, youth violence, intimate partner and sexual violence, and elder abuse.

Across the globe  in 2012, there were 475,000 murder victims.

Image Source: cnn.com
Image Source: cnn.com

Sixty percent were males between 15 and 44 years old. Half  of  the homicide victims were killed  by the gun. 

Honduras sits atop  the list, with roughly 103 murders per 100,000 people followed by Venezuela with an average 57.6 murders per 100.000.

Jamaica is third with 45.1 murders per 100,000 people. Belize and Colombia are ranked 4th and 5th respectively to complete the top 5.

Other countries in the region included in the top twenty are: Trinidad and Tobago (10th), the Bahamas(11th), Haiti(12th), the Dominican Republic (13th), and Guyana (15th). 

Source: WHO

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Diego Ortiz-Carvajal
7 years ago

Number 4th is not Columbia, it is Colombia, the first one is a state, the second one a country

Richard M. Reid
7 years ago

This is bull crap!!!!

Hugh Meikle
7 years ago

Relaxed consequences Les Brown,Relaxed and lack of consequences.

Mark Shurland
7 years ago

Misleading report where is the USA ?

Millicent Spence
7 years ago

U know these statistic are sometimes false , becuz if we are talking about murders ad murderers countries, honey Israel is # 1 in line, let truth be known so much innocent kids over the years of fighting for power ad oppressed the people of Palestine the Gaza these countries gave the most homicide or should I call it murderers, there they come with their lie ad deceit to brainwash us in believing we are one of these barbarians, firea bun fi the wicked! !!!

Millicent Spence
7 years ago

I would appreciate if these sophistic could be more truthful with their reports, I am not saying jamaica have no homicide or crime yes there’s but when committing these crimes it’s not in hundreds, killing from other countries has been in the hundreds at one time which leads up to thousands at a time, we haven’t had any war nor had any confrontation with our neighbors Which lead to war and war over years, so why are lies reported.

Sasky Berry
7 years ago

Bull shattt!

Sharaine Doyen
7 years ago

Could be due to mix of Spanish blood.Ahahahah!

Carl Tomlinson
7 years ago

bull shit

Michael Lawton
7 years ago

If they can’t beat us in sports they going to dam well try somewhere else. At least our kids aren’t shooting one another in schools. Big up Jamaica… to the flippin world

Dawes Forevergrateful
7 years ago

Though there is no disputing the increase in murders on the island, however this is VERY misleading, there are a few countries that doesn’t have a hundred thousand people, there are an abundance of countries that have thousands of murders in a year vs hundreds, to draw conclusions on those variable is flawed and misleading…

Millard Mcleod
7 years ago

NB. Info is based on statistics of 2012

G Wayne Fitzgerald Bradshaw


Fabian Scott
7 years ago

Another example of number games and psychology. Just because you work a certain stat out doesn’t mean your conclusion is sound info. As another writer below notes, countries with wars are not taken into account even though those killings ARE murders! Additionall, countries such as the US and the UK have a vested interest in pulling the hood over “sheeples” eyes with these misrepresentations – it gives them policy bargaining power. This doesn’t excuse the fact that WAY too many murders happen in countries like Ja and T&T but numbers can be manipulated to get a desired opinion and hereto,… Read more »

Gideon Clayton
7 years ago

These statistics are seriously flawed, why dont they get the true statistics from the people who live in the country? There are so many countries where murders are a common occurrence and to many a way of life. I am shocked! Hundreds are killed on a daily basis in so many other countries

Queenomegacommunications Nana Farika

But not the Mroon communities. They have zero homicides in these communities.

Shandu Brown
7 years ago

no laws

Ken Thomassen
7 years ago

I was studying the statistics myself the other day, after the Jamaican newspapers had updates including numbers for April 2015. Sorry to say to all of you who want believe it, but its true facts! The report is made from 2014 numbers, as it says in the top of the article. Sad numbers for the Island and people I love!