“I cry every day” – A Sad Christmas for Mario Deane’s mom

It is often times said that there is no greater pain than the agony of losing a child.

This year the mother of Mario Deane is having the worst Christmas in her life as a result of the tragic and untimely death of her son.

Mario Deane was bludgeoned to death earlier this year while in the custody of the Barnett Street Police.

Police officers originally claimed  that he had fallen off a bunk but subsequently changed their statement, reporting that Deane was beaten by two inmates while inside a cell.


“He was not there and his place at the Christmas dinner table was just empty. It is just hard. I just try to live one day at a time,” Frazer said in a post by Loop News.

She said the pain was especially hard to bear as Mario was an exceptional cook who, she said, cooked a mean rice and peas. He would also help with chores around the house especially during Christmas, Frazer said.

“I miss more than the rice and peas. I cry every day. Words can’t explain how hard this Christmas was for me and my family,” she also  said.

The case involving Marvin Orr and Adrian Morgan, who have been charged with Deane’s murder is scheduled to go before the Montego Bay Resident Magistrate’s Court on January 16, 2015.

Source: Loop Jamaica 

Merica Deance sad over death of son Mario Deane
Mario Deane’s mom(centre) – Image Source: Loop Jamaica

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Pheonah Anointedwith Purpose Gentles

my condolences and prayers are with u

Kimmie Coley
8 years ago

hold strong mama god doesn’t give us more than we can bare. you will be in my prayers,im so sorry

Liz Reid
8 years ago

My heart hurts for u. I can imagine the pain u r going through. I pray for God to give u strength through such a grievous time.