Children of Peter Tosh in Feud over almost quarter billion in royalties

The children of reggae legend Peter Tosh are embroiled in a legal battle over US$2 million ($228.3 million) in royalties from his estate.

According to Pagesix, Tosh’s daughter, Aldrina McIntosh, claims in a recent lawsuit that younger sister Niambe McIntosh hasn’t paid her or their other eight siblings a cent in royalties for the past five years.

The estate of the famed “Bob Marley and the Wailers’’ musician — who wrote the lyrics to such reggae classics as “Get Up, Stand Up” — rakes in $150,000 to $300,000 annually, according to the surrogate court case.

The money was supposed to be split evenly among the 10 siblings annually after Tosh, who was born Winston McIntosh, was murdered by a gang of robbers in Jamaica in 1987.


Niambe, Tosh’s youngest child, took over her father’s estate in 2009. It had previously been run by a court-appointed lawyer because Tosh died without a will.

At the time, there was only $280,000 in the estate’s coffers, but Aldrina believes that her younger sister is sitting on another $1.7 million, according to court papers.

Niambe recently announced that 10  percent of income from Tosh’s song “Equal Rights” would be donated to the families of Eric Garner and Michael Brown for the next year, saying, “Peter was very altruistic and an advocate for justice.’’

She claims that her siblings support the gift because “we know that my father would have been heavily involved in the protests” surrounding the men’s deaths.

Fleishman said he was not aware of the donation.

This suit was filed in October, and the parties are due in court in February.

Source: Page Six

The Toshes (L-R): Dave, Steve, Niambe (holding her father’s Order of Merit). Andrew, Aldrina (“Michelle”). Kneeling is Jawara (“Tosh 1″) - Source:
The Toshes (L-R): Dave, Steve, Niambe (holding her father’s Order of Merit). Andrew, Aldrina (“Michelle”). Kneeling is Jawara (“Tosh 1″) – Source:

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Nae Barker
7 years ago

That’s nice she is donating some to Eric Garner and Mike Brown fund. Has she donated any to the families of the Jamaicans back home who suffered the same fate as these men?