Mario Deane court hearing interrupted after accused man exclaims – ‘A you kill the people dem pickney!’

According to a report by Loop Jamaica, there were dramatic scenes in the Montego Bay Resident Magistrates Court this morning as one of the accused in the murder of Mario Deane, Adrian Morgan claimed his co-accused Marvin Orr was the man responsible for the death of the 31 year old man.

Morgan, who the court later heard has not been taking his psychiatric medicine, had to be taken from the court room after his profanity-filled tirade interrupted the short proceedings.

“Wha you a touch me fah, you a police?” Morgan shouted at Orr, who was seated right beside him in the prisoners’ dock.

“A you kill the people dem pickney and call up me name…all me a plea guilty for is that me give him two kick,” Morgan said as his voice got louder despite police officers trying to calm him down.


The case, as well as the one involving three police officers who were also charged, were postponed until October 9th as Senior Resident magistrate Caroline Tie who had started the proceedings was absent.

Orr and Morgan were both charged with the murder of Deane who died in the Cornwall Regional Hospital on August 6th three days after he was badly beaten while being held on a charge of possession of a small amount of ganja.

Mario Deane arrested for ganja spliff Mobay killed in police station
Mario Deane

Source: Loop Jamaica

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Onica Neilson
8 years ago


Henry Petgrave
8 years ago

This man get some prompting to carry on this outburst.

Melisa Gayle
8 years ago

So sad when things like happen u can’t even trust the person who they gave rights protect innocence

Ewan Samuels
8 years ago

i new simple the name we call him at sunset beach resort mo bay were we all work in construction trust me the little i knew of him ( humble youth ) it hurt me to hear of is death and the circumstances under which he died sum things don’t add up i hope the will come out

Emancia Outerbridge
8 years ago

Horrific events! Uncivilized behavior!