Man Charged with murder of Trinidadian Teacher to face trial in 2014

Ivan Taylor, a 46-year-old taxi operator of Whithorn, Westmoreland has been charged with the murder and abduction of 37-yr-old Trinidadian Michelle Coudray-Greaves.

He is currently scheduled to go on  trial on April 28, 2014. A mention date of January 9, 2014 has been selected to ensure that all is in place, with reports that 15 witnesses are on file to give testimony.

Michelle Coudray-Greaves trinidadianThe burnt remains of Michelle Coudray-Greaves were found in a cane field on June 11, 2013. An autopsy done on the remains of the young woman, found that she received injuries to the right side of her head from a blunt object.

Taylor was later charged by the police after it was reported that he was the last person seen with the Trinidadian before her disappearance.


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