Extremely Violent week in Montego Bay leaves 12 Dead

Montego Bay, St James has been experiencing a massive surge in violent crimes in recent times. 

According to reports from The Gleaner: Twelve persons were killed in several incidents, including a triple murder and two double murders in the past week.

The most recent victim was 36-year-old woman, Monique Watson of Rose Heights in St James, was shot and killed by a gunman who reportedly walked into her hairdressing parlour and shot her at point-blank range.

That followed 15 minutes of raw brutality last Wednesday morning, when four persons were slaughtered gangland-style in two incidents in North Gully, downtown Montego Bay, and Hibiscus Drive, Norwood.


many murders in Montego Bay


That bloody onslaught evoked memories of the period in 2006 when the notorious Stonecrusher gang came to the fore, pushing the parish’s murder count for a single year past the 100 mark – a dubious record that has since become the norm.

In the current surge of violence, the body count stands at 151, eight more than the corresponding period last year.

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