Record Number Of Illegal Firearms Recovered by Police

A grand total of 77 illegal firearms have been recovered by the police for the month of October with 174 persons arrested. The successful recovery of these weapons can be attributed largely to the operations carried out by Operation Resilience.

The 77 firearms collected makes this the highest number of recorded illegal firearm seizures in a single month since June 2010 and has increased the total  illegal gun seizures tally  to 601 for the period January to October 2013. This is 20 percent higher than the same period last year.

get guns off the streets, get illegal gunsOf the persons arrested, many were wanted for serious crimes such as murders and shootings.

A release from the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) stated that as part of its mission to detect and prevent crimes, criminals must be disarmed and deprived of criminal commodities in order to keep Jamaica safe and crime free.


The police is also seeking the assistance and patience of all citizens and urges anyone with information to contact the Police 119 emergency number, Crime Stop at 311, Operation Kingfish at 811 or the nearest police station.

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