Police pleads with suspects to surrender following Police Killings

The police are again making an appeal to suspects in criminal matters to peacefully surrender to them when confronted.

This appeal came against the background of two recent shootings in which suspects were killed.It is alleged that they attacked the police who tried to arrest them.

A statement from the communication arm of the JCF says about 5:15 yesterday surrender myself to police, you're under arrestafternoon Dujon Johnson of Catherine Mount in Montego Bay, St James was fatally shot after he allegedly attacked members of a police team during an operation.

The police say this particular operation was carried out by members of the anti-lottery scam task force noting that on several previous operations firearms have been seized and no one was shot, because suspects surrendered peacefully.


The second incident took place in Runaway Bay, St Ann just after nine o’clock last night when 20-year-old Gerald Bell, who had escaped from the Browns Town police lock up on may 10 was shot dead.

It is alleged that Bell was killed after he pulled an imitation firearm at the police who tried to apprehend him. The police are claiming that under the cover of darkness, the police officers involved in that operation could not have known that the firearm was an imitation.

Bell was the last of the four escapees who remained at large. The others were arrested by the police and returned to custody. Both matters have been reported to the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM).

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