Police charge husband of murdered pregnant woman

The St. Catherine police have charged the husband of 27 year old Sasha Gay Coffee in relation to a previous incident in which she was shot and wounded.

Sean Coffee was charged today by members of the Major Investigations Task
force with conspiracy to murder.

This after he was pointed out during an identification parade last Thursday.

The charge relates to an incident earlier this year in which Mrs. Coffee was shot and wounded by an alleged gunman while on her way to work.


It also understood that Mr. Coffee is slated to undergo another identification parade in
Sasha Gay Coffee, pregnant woman murdered in Jamaicarelation to the second incident that resulted in Mrs. Coffee’s death.

The second attack occurred on October 21, at their home in West Cumberland, Portmore, St. Catherine.

Coffee and her husband had just moved to the community, when a gunman entered the house while they were unpacking and shot the pregnant woman, once in the head and twice in the stomach.

Police later arrested a suspect in connection to Mrs. Coffee’s murder.

Following investigations Mr. Coffee was taken into custody on November 8.

It is not clear if the other suspect will be charged in relation to either the first shooting incident or the murder.

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Daley Rock Humble Tarra

Wicked husban evil husband

Daley Rock Humble Tarra

Wicked husban evil husband