Abducted baby found alive

Relatives have confirmed that a 7 week old baby who was reportedly taken from the St. Ann home of his grandmother, five days ago, was found alive  in Exchange, near Ocho Rios in the parish.

Sixty-two-year-old Nathlie Francis-Hamilton, was stabbed to death in Beacher Town, St. Ann, the same night the child went missing.

church people robbed, robbery in church, theft in churchThe baby was found in a travelling bag that was opened and left at the gate of a residence in Bonham Spring, Exchange, sometime close to midnight.

The police say although a relative has positively identified the child, they are still awaiting forensic/ DNA evidence.

Based on police reports, the child is doing well remains hospitalised.

The man who reportedly found the baby says it was the barking of dogs that led him to investigate what he thought was an unusual package at his gate.

He says the police were immediately alerted, when it was realized that it was a baby in the bag.

Police say a number of persons, including the child’s father, are still being interviewed in relation to the baby’s abduction and the murder of his 62-year-old, grandmother.

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