Man Killed for stealing Marijuana

A manhunt has been instigated by the police for a suspect follwing the gruesome killing

of 28-year-old Tedroy Logie who was chopped to death in a section of Vineyard District,

St. Elizabeth yesterday.

Another woman was also hospitalised following a dispute over stolen Ganja. Based on


reports from Irie Fm News the Ganja belonging to the suspect was allegedly stolen, and

killed for marijuanahe was told that Logie was the culprit. The suspect went

to Logie’s home yesterday morning, and during a heated

exchange, the suspect used a machete to partially sever

the 28-year-old man’s neck. The victim’s sister

attempted to rescue her brother, and she was chopped several times, before the man

left the area and went into hiding. Both injured victims were taken to hospital where the


28-year-old man died.

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