Four Slain in alleged police shootings

Four men were shot dead by police in separate incidents in Westmoreland and St James, between Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Those killed are two unidentified men alleged to be members of the Westmoreland based Alma gang; Odane Scott; and 25-year old Andre cox, otherwise called “ Blacka Shine” both of Norwood St James.

A police officer was shot and wounded during one of the incidents.

Meanwhile, police say 6 illegal guns were recovered.


police killingsIn relation to the Alma shooting, police say a joint police military operation, dubbed operation resilience was carried out in the Alma community, Camp Savannah this morning.

The Alma gang is said to be responsible for a large number of murders in Westmoreland.

Head of the Westmorland police superintendent Carol Mckenzie says when the team entered the community they were reportedly greeted with gunfire and the fire was returned.

When the shootout ended 2 men were found suffering from gunshot wounds. They were pronounced dead at hospital.

Superintendent Mckenzie says the police have reason to believe that the alleged leader of the Alma gang, Torneil Haughton, also called Malta, escaped and may have been wounded.

Police say during the incident, they seized one A-K 47 rifle, one 12 gauge shot gun, two 9 millimetre pistols and one Beretta semi-automatic .380 hand gun.

Lawmen reportedly recovered a large quantity of assorted ammunition.


In relation to the St James shootings, a joint operation was being conducted in Norwood this morning, when a group of men at a house reportedly opened fire at the law enforcers.

The fire was returned and Andre Cox was found suffering from gunshot wounds.

He was pronounced dead at hospital.

A police officer shot and wounded during the incident has been hospitalised.

Police say they recovered an Austria 9 mm semi-automatic pistol with one live round from cox.

Cox was reportedly before the court on gun and murder charges.

In another incident, Odane Scott was shot dead by police during an operation in Gulf, Norwood.

Scott who was charged for a triple murder was reportedly out on bail.

The three incidents have been reported to the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM).


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Carlton Parkinson
9 years ago

that where i grew in alma what the place turn into is unbelievable

Carlton Parkinson
8 years ago

that where i grew in alma what the place turn into is unbelievable