British woman’s husband murdered at her wedding in Jamaica

A newly married woman watched in horror as her husband was shot and killed by masked gunmen at their wedding reception in Jamaica

Jacqueline Cousins, 49, married Dameion Cousins, 31, in a picturesque ceremony in Hart Hill, Portland, Jamaica.

During the reception, an armed gang entered the proceedings claiming the groom owed them $10,000 Jamaican dollars.

They held the bride at gunpoint while Mr Cousins was shot in the head in the driveway outside. Mrs Cousins, a family support worker, from Hornsey, North London, said she has no idea why the gang targeted her husband.


She said: ‘I started screaming and screaming and I could not believe what I was seeing.

‘I lay down next to him and I put my head on his chest. I realized he was dead’.

We were just two people who really loved each other and had taken that move to be together and just a few hours later this is what I was dealing with.’
murdered at wedding, killed at wedding

The couple met when Jacqueline visited her parent’s home in Jamaica 11 years ago.

They did not begin courting until seven years later after her previous marriage dissolved.

‘It was absolutely beautiful,’ said Mrs Cousins.

There was a red carpet, and just 17 people there including us, with twinkling fairy lights.


‘I had picked flowers from my mother’s garden and Dameion had made a beautiful pathway with them.

‘I had never seen him so happy.’ 

Two men were arrested by the police following the brutal attack, but were then released and no one has ever been caught or prosecuted.

The couple had planned to return to London so Mrs Cousins could continue work and her new husband could get a job.

Mrs Cousins, who returned to London in August, said: ‘I just want answers.

The two men who killed my husband are still out there.

Everybody loved Dameion. He got on with everyone. I think it was simply jealousy that he might have left the country and had a life with me.

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Lecia Anderson
8 years ago

Wow soo sad RIP Damien

PurpleAddict Kav Kav
8 years ago

i can tell you i still cant believe smh a young youth just gown suh

Leonie-Anne Diamond Slimmers

oh wow this is very sad….

Sabastian Elijah Montgomery

That is Jamaica for you. Murder capital. Illiteracy is really a life changer, aint it..

Nesia Rattray
8 years ago


Mellisa Peterson
8 years ago

That’s just brutal

Tara Sham
8 years ago


Abi Abz
8 years ago

Sad … brought tears to my eyes 🙁

Dandilyonz Casandra
8 years ago

what is there to like about this article. can you say. even if the man really owed the killers money, isnt it so sad that people are taking peoples lives over material things.

SunshineTunup Williams

so sad smh

Dia Dolla Sign Ellis
8 years ago

Men hide so many things from us women but come on now nobody’s life is worth $10,000.. Smh no price should be placed on ones llife #Godknowsbest

Amanda Changor
8 years ago


Marden Bailey
8 years ago

condolence. Mrs. Cousins God is watching from a distance, and he wont let your tears go in vain or give you more than what you can`t bear. my God be with you.

Carlene Roberts-Todd
8 years ago

wow this is just like a bad dream

Melissa Blessed Gayle
8 years ago

i believe its jealousy……badmind was more than active…10gran his life was taken for…masked mean they are well known, could be his very on friends too!

Melissa Blessed Gayle
8 years ago

i believe its jealousy……badmind was more than active…10gran his life was taken for…masked mean they are well known, could be his very on friends too!

Rudy Brooks
8 years ago

What a shame on my country..- hope to God that poor wife find justic

Edmond Ever Lovable Ferguson

Sad but God not sleeping

Victoria Moncrieffe
8 years ago

:/ damnn thats very sad

Jacqueline Stephenson-James

that is sad

Shana-kay CuteSmile James

sad….so touching bring tears to my eyes smh.

neferteri herring
8 years ago

So this man basically was killed for about $100 US??? Really? I think there is more to this story. But it is a very sad thing. This world is a mess not just Jamaica

Faridah Thomas
8 years ago


Noelle Renzi Anderson
8 years ago

Very sad to hear, i can only imagine how tht bride feels..smh

Jodi Benjamin
8 years ago


Simon Heywood
8 years ago

My God

Dawn Everblessed Breese

So sad …..only GOD can help us…R.I.P

Shenley Fogarty
8 years ago

that is so cold …why people so evil.

Lincoln Johnson
8 years ago

So sad i wonder what was the motive to this poor incident

Lincoln Johnson
8 years ago

So sad i wonder what was the motive to this poor incident

Steve Blinks
8 years ago

very sad…..

Mertilyn Richards
8 years ago

My heart goes out to Mrs Cousins, I lost a friend a few years ago who was visiting a class mate. Jamaica has problem like most place. I seem awful because we are looking at it closely. What if you were from Mexico. We are just living in difficult times .

Janet Foote
8 years ago

so sorry may god give you grace.

Tampa Bruzer Reams
8 years ago

thats cRAZY…

Alison Kong
8 years ago

So sad! I think the police in Jamaica need to do a thorough investigation and bring closure for this family.

Errol Philip Osborne
8 years ago

Wtf….this is really sickening

Darvin Elliott
8 years ago

Our world today is far more complex than many expected it to turn out. Many are perplexed by extent of evil and wickedness, as the world seems to plunging deeper and deeper into abyssal depths of darkness. As Christians however, it’s important for us to realize the the events in the world today are actually the fulfilment of scripture. Isaiah 60;2 tells us For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall seen upon thee.Very sad.

Haru Nagataka Sasaki
8 years ago

People taking lives now for little and nothing. My condolences to Mrs. Cousins and family.

Watsema B Wilfred
8 years ago

So painfull.Take Heart Jacqueline

Angela Yarde
8 years ago


Tori Gordon
8 years ago


Silver Purple
8 years ago

horrific to happen anywhere…DON’T VILIFY JAMAICA…look in your own back yards usa,uk…all the cameras in the world & crime happens in massacres ,mostly in usa…this was an outrageous crime, but it does not describe jamaica as a whole, but this is what makes headlines….currently residing in jamaica for 9+ years….feeling relaxed & safe….one love…<3

Tiger McLanahan
8 years ago

The great Jamaican chimp out….

Misti Memphis
8 years ago

Look into which jilted baby mother sent them

Brandon B-breezy Richards

jah know ignorance and illiteracy man jamaica need fi fix dat

Judith Angella Shaw Anderson

God will will deal with them my sis wicher heart man

Annmarie Davis
7 years ago

Again some time them ppl ya carry d man dem come psy other ppl fi kill them for readons god knws! But tru jamaica dabpon watch them bring them ya cause a only ya dem can get away with things like these… jamaica bear bad name again.

Lyssette Hawthorne-Wilson

I dont know what to say! I am shocked!

Simon Jeremias
7 years ago

horrid ting dat ,me heart goe out,b strong