Intervention Needed for Jamaica’s Youth According to Senator

Information minister, Senator Sandrea Falconer says serious social intervention is required to curb the rise of gender-based violence among Jamaica’s youths.

Senator Falconer says young men are the main perpetrators of violence in society and this also inevitably means they are also victims of this violence.

She states that serious dialogue is needed with the major stakeholders and grassroots community programmes especially those targeting youths. murder, murder in Jamaica

The information minister says it is through such intervention that the government will be able to formulate plans and policies to bring about social change and to change lives.


She says there is overwhelming evidence that intervention is needed, as she outlined some crime statistics for last year.

She says 218 under the age of 25 were arrested for murder, 270 for shooting and 245 for carnal abuse.

For the same age group Senator Falconer adds, 234 males were victims of violence, 279 were victims of shooting and 141 were admitted to juvenile detention facilities.

She says rape was the only category of crime where females were the main victims.

She was speaking this morning at a seminar dealing with understanding and addressing youth violence from a gender perspective.

The initiative is a result of a partnership involving the ministries of information, youth and education, the Bureau of Women’s Affairs, the Planning Institute of Jamaica and the World Bank.

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