2 Police Officers Killed in 2 Months

A top level investigation has been launched into the killing of a police constable in Effortville District, Clarendon yesterday morning (May 5).

Dead is Michael Townsend, who was attached to the Junction Police in St. Elizabeth.

A release from the Police High Command, says the incident occurred about 11:30 a.m.

The police have not released details of the incident but reported that Constable Townsend, who served the force for over 15 years, was on sick leave.


Constable Townsend, who lives in Hayes, was visiting friends in Oliver Gardens, Effortville.

It’s further reported that while the constable was having drinks with his friends, alleged gunmen approached the house, and opened fire, hitting Constable Townsend.

The constable died on the spot.

His friends were unharmed.

As news of the shooting spread, Commander for Area 3 ACP Derrick “Cowboy” Knight and JCF Communications Director Karl Angell rushed to the scene.

Mr. Agell is appealing for anyone with information on the fatal shooting to come forward.

And, Chairman of the Police Federation, Sergeant Raymond Wilson has condemned the fatal shooting of Police Constable Michael Townsend in Clarendon, this morning.


Sergeant Wilson says today’s incident has caused officers at the Junction police station, where Constable Townsend was assigned, to undergo a second bout of emotional trauma.

They lost another colleague just weeks ago to natural causes.

Sergeant Wilson adds that Constable Townsend’s death is even harder to cope with, coming just one day after the funeral of Detective Sergeant Courtney Simpson.

Simpson, who was attached to the protective services unit, was gunned down near his Kingston home last month.

Sergeant Wilson is also appealing for citizens with information on the shooting to make a report to the police.

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